• Beautiful custom cover designs created specifically for your book.
  • Professional editing and text layout, registered ISBN, and author copyright also provided.
  • Book is set up for distribution with Amazon and Barnes & Noble online book stores.
  • Book can be produced in both paper and eBook format; eBooks are quickly gaining popularity as technology now allows you to read books on your smart phone, tablet, computer or a stand-alone eBook reader.
  • The option to have a custom website design will be given to all authors.
  • The highest royalty earnings will be negotiated.
  • Author retains all rights to book during this publishing journey, because it has been earned!!!



Unfortunately, as a newly developing publishing company,

we are currently focusing on completing most recent projects

and will not be accepting manuscripts

until January 1, 2015…


In the meantime, we have provided suggested resources that are inspirational and should assist you with preparing your manuscript.

  • Ten steps to writing your novel. If you have always wanted to write a book, this information will be very useful and provides suggestions that will increase the likelihood of completing your manuscript.
  • Top ten comparisons/reviews for creative writing software. It is highly recommended that writers purchase a program to organize the storyline and create a manuscript. This site gives you ratings from the highest to least recommended programs.
  • Fifty seven tips for first time authors, from successful authors… These authors have provided information that will inspire and encourage you to begin and complete your novel. As they share their experiences, there is valuable advice given that will prevent a first time author from making the mistakes that they encountered as an inexperienced writer.

Good luck to you and we look forward to serving your publishing needs in the future…